What is Moi Panda?

Moi Panda provides a social and educational APP for both children and parents to make friends worldwide!

We help children of all ages together with their parents to learn and practice how to choose friends, how to make friends, and how to maintain good friendships worldwide, by doing this, children get a chance to learn new languages, practice social and communication skills in multiple languages through peer-to-peer support. Meanwhile, their parents can be friends as well and exchange education-related experience and parenting tips, and share all kinds of feelings, struggles and experiences globally.

First, we invite parents to supervise the safety. Remember, it’s also a great opportunity to get to know your children’s friends and their parents. When you feel safe, you may want to leave some privacy for your children and it’s also possible to arrange a conversation with other parents without your children. All up to you! At the same time, we are developing a children protection system to make sure of the safety of our environment, but please give us time, we are working hard on it.

Let Moi Panda

break the circle,

reduce loneliness,

eliminate language barriers,

broaden your network globally!!!

Through 4 steps:

1.Choose a friend

Through a specially designed match-making system

We motivate children to discuss about how to choose friends in an online world, with their parents.

2.Make a friend

Start your journey via video or chat

We want children to learn the reality that making friends is a two way story, not everyone you like can be a friend but you should at least try.

3.Maintain friendship

Keep friendships lifelong

We believe our service will grow with children by helping them maintain long-term friendships.

4.Complete missions

Earn incentives and upgrade

We do all of that with the magic of gamified design.