Our story

We all know what has happened during the pandemic, everyone’s social life has been dramatically affected. What’s worse, it drastically limits children’s social ability, communication skills and learning opportunities.

When Feiya noticed her son became less and less talkative, and increasingly addicted to screens (games and videos). Even worse, he eventually refused to speak a single word of her mother tongue (the language Feiya had taught him) to her, her relatives, and friends in China. Her heart hurt so badly and she started to ask friends around for help. But when she looked around, she knows it will only be worse when he gets older. Not surprisingly, similar stories appear endlessly around us…

As parents, we have to admit that: our network limits our children’s social circle, our language skills hinder our children’s language development, our narrow mind blocks our children’s vision, most importantly, our imagination defines our children’s future.

But we should improve

Feiya started to think, what if there is such a service that children can learn languages by practicing with other children, improve social and communication skills, meet new peers, make more friends, virtually travel with friends in other country, learn new cultures, broaden their horizons and play together anytime and anywhere; Meanwhile, parents can be friends as well and exchange education-related experience and parenting tips, and share all kinds of feelings, struggles and experiences globally. What if there is a service which can make everything come true all at once, it will change the world!

Feiya started the proof of concept for Moi Panda in autumn 2021 and got a handful of paying customers who highly supported her to move forward. And the idea pivoted several times. But one thing never changes that is making the world a better place for children.

Fortunately, she was not alone. This mission attracted many people along the way and there are many heroes behind the scenes. We developed an MVP based on the feedback from many reachable parents and children and we got more skillful talents to join us. We were lucky to be selected into Kiuas Accelerator Program and Feiya was selected as the top 20 in Helsinki Female Tech Founder Frontrunner by Tech Nordic Advocates . With the help of numerous super experienced and supportive mentors and advisors, we grow faster and more stable.

So finally, the company was funded in April 2022 with the name Moi Panda.

Our mission is to help children truly become global citizens. Do you want to join us?

Our team

CEO & Founder

A mother of a boy and a girl with over 10 years experience in business management, strategy, sales and marketing.

Business and leadership skills are my "bamboos". I can grow faster to achieve the vision and mission around the world.

Tech Lead

A father of two girls with over 10 years experience in software engineering and technical leadership.

Product architect and management are my "leaves". I can reach higher to make our product successful along the way.

Design & Development

A mother of a boy with over 10 years experience in service design and mobile app development.

Coding and design thinking are my "carrots". I can jump further to optimize our service better over time.


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