Ready to make friends worldwide?

We help your children truly become global citizens!

As parents, the crucial truths are:

Our network limits our children’s social circle.

Our language skills hinder our children’s language development.

Our narrow mind blocks our children’s vision.

Our imagination defines our children’s future.

But... Moi Panda helps you make a difference!

Language is not just a skill, it is a key to many doors.

  • Self identity

  • Self awareness / confidence

  • Culture / history / economics

  • Global vision

  • Hobbies: games, music, sports, arts, science, etc.

The best way to learn a language is to use it!

The best way to use it is to socialize and communicate!

For children, language is something that can be easily learned but even more easily forgotten if they do not use it.

Our Mission

Happy children and happy parents make the world a better place!

At Moi Panda, our goal is to help children truly become global citizens. We built Moi Panda so our kids could have a chance to meet diverse peers all around the world, make friends with them and have a positive and safe way to learn with friends anytime and anywhere. As parents of young kids, we didn’t like current options for secure and social online learning experiences, and we want to make friends worldwide as well — so we built Moi Panda. Our kids and us were the first users and are active on Moi Panda daily.

With our specially designed match-making system, children are able to make friends worldwide, learn new languages, social skills, communication skills and culture exchange with each other, and their parents can be friends as well and exchange education-related experience and parenting tips, and share all kinds of feelings, struggles and experiences globally. Since it’s for children and parents, safety issues are secured under parents’ supervision.

It enhances the connection between children and children, children and parents, and parents and parents worldwide; It supports users to learn and experience foreign languages and international culture through peer-to-peer support via real-time video/chat communication, interaction and collaboration in a fun and engaging way.

We believe that if all children would have the chance to use Moi Panda, it would significantly reduce the loneliness, develop their social skills with diverse people and really help them feel better and become good persons.

Why you'll love Moi Panda

Let's have a play date now!

We bring the synergy of three important elements: language learning, socializing and communicating, and making friends, with the key philosophy of learning by practicing.

It’s fun & easy, anytime & anywhere, efficient & sustainable, meaningful, and most importantly it’s safe because children’s own parents are invited. It happens just like a play date! But all over the world!!!

Fun & Easy

Learn languages

  • Peer-to-peer support

  • Interactive & engaging

  • User-generated content

  • Real-time conversation

  • AI supported missions

  • Language shower and exchange

Safe & Meaningful

Make friends


  • Parents and parents

  • Children and children

  • Children and own parents

  • With improved social skills

  • Truly worldwide

Anytime & Anywhere

Social and communicate

  • Social effect

  • Anytime & anywhere

  • Through video & chat

  • Gamified design

  • With peers and parents

Efficient & Sustainable

Learning by practicing

  • The best way to learn a new language is to use it

  • Socializing is the best motivation driver and the most efficient way.